Forums 11/2/08

Seeing as people cannot keep the peace and are warning me on my own chat room, it's gone, so good job.  Since I can't control the spam on my chatroom, it's gone.  Join the forums.  I can at least keep the control over that.


Welcome to the New Super Skarmory Site 10/7/08

Well guys, this is it, Spruz is stupid so now I've found a new home.  I can't guarentee this site will last.  It's a temporary fix.  I've taken a class in school on Web Page Design the second half of the school year and I hope to learn some stuff in that class.  Maybe I'll be able to get a better website.  For now Synthasite is my home.  A few people recommended it and I thought I could work with it.  Right now, I'm still wondering about right now figuring things out so I'll try to update.  Right now, my project is transferring over old website data.  If you wish to contact me, it's best to go to YouTube cause that's the best place to comunnicate with me.  Well, hopefully things go better.

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